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Prayers and Support.........

Here at Christ Church Unity we offer many forms of prayer and support. Our Saturday and Sunday services are our weekly commitment to provide spiritual focus for our church family. In addition to these services we also have Meditation Services, Healing Services and pastoral counseling available to those that feel the need for more spiritual support.

We have a Prayer Ministry that is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday for telephone prayer requests. Prayers will be said for 30 days after the initial prayer request. We also have the back-up prayer support from Silent Unity at Unity Village in Missouri that is available 7/24, seven days per week. You may submit a prayer request to them at any time either by phone, email or regular mail.

You can receive a daily email prayer. Click here to sign up.

Our prayer chaplains make monthly "wellness" to church members, and are available to all for one-on-one prayer after each service.

Angels in the Wings group is a team of people that is available help congregants when something extra is needed like meals after a hospital stay.


Weekly Services
 Sunday 9 &11 AM

Wednesday 11 AM

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