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Recent Sunday Lessons by Reverend Blair Tabor and others

Series on Compassionate Communication:

Do I See What You See, Plato?

Really Listening with Empathy

Needing to Know Your Real Needs

Feelings Furnish Flavor for Life


The Paradox of Change by Reverend Gretchen Pena

Living Your Purpose by Reverend Judy Winkler

The Smiling Game

Breathing with the Holy Breath

Awesome Beauty     Aloha Sunday     Rumi quotes from the lesson

Lost and Found

The Depth in the Silence

Joy Rises from Within   Christmas in July

Creating in the Spirit

Mighty Currents of God's Healing Love "Mighty Currents of God's healing love flow through us now!"

Kerfuffle Connection

Finding the Right Perspective

Duct Tape Lessons for Dads   this one was very popular!

Abundance Is Available      Charles Fillmore reciting The Lord's Prayer     Video: Land Fill Harmonic

Sweet Memory   reading:  To Remember Me   handout referred to in the lesson: Who are the people I respect?

Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty   very insightful: Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips

Comfort, Transformation and Service

God's Healing Life

Death and Beyond


LENT 2013 UNIFIED: Undo  Nestle  Identify  Focus  Integrate  Express  Dare

Undo: Prepare Ye the Way - Let Go

Nestle: God's All Embracing Love for You

Identify: Your True Spiritual Identity

Focus: The Power of Focused Faith

God in Every Part and Particle     St. Patrick Prayers     Hafiz Poem: A Friend in the Tree House

Spirit Is Gonna Shout Through You

I Dare to Live As a Child of God   with "Draw Me Nearer" and meditation on Unified   Unified poem



Is It Love?

Your Divine Dance

I AM Ready

We Can Create Miracles  Dr. Garland Landrith

Standing on the Shoulders of GIants - form for heroes and values

The Power of Your Name - White Stone Meditation - Matt Lightner singing "Standing on the Shoulders"



Divine Light Is My Hope

Divine Light Is My Love

Divine Light Is My Joy - this is a fun one!

Divine Light Is My Peace


Established in Prayer - Lord's Prayer Resources

Faithful, Grateful and Fruitful - set yourself up for a powerful Thanksgiving season!


Love At Last SIght - Lesson Series

The Art of Being All There

The Art of Acting Intentionally

The Art of Risking Awkwardness      The Paradoxical Commandments          From Velveteen Rabbit "Real"

The Art of Letting Go


Go For It (lesson)        Go For It (anthem)


5 Basic Unity Principles Series            To read about the 5 Basic Principles click here.

Understanding What God Is      1st Principle "There is only One Presence and One Power active in the Universe and in my life. God."

Celebrating the Christ in You      2nd Principle "The Divinity of Humanity, Christ, the Image of God, indwells every person."

The Gift of Beauty, Peace and Love    3rd Principle "Prayer and meditation align you and connect you to the presence of God."

What Are You Thinking      4th Principle "Through the power of thought you can transform your life."

The Way of Living      5th Principle "Daily practice of the principles creates a life of blessing."

The Four Agreements Series:

Focus the Power of Your Words (Be impeccable with your word.)

Different Need Not Be Difficult (Don't take it personally.)

Be Clear with Yourself and Others (Don't make assumptions.) Lord's Prayer translated from Aramaic

Work Like God Is Your Boss (Do your best.)


June 24    "The Book of Revelation for You" more lessons on the Book of Revelation

June 17 "Our Father" presented by Jacquie Hardesty

June 3       "Stretch Out in Your Good"

                  E. Stanley Jones prayers:

                        “I live and move, in all inner thoughts and outer expressions, in God’s wealth every moment.”

                        "O God, what I have is Yours.  Heighten these powers faculties, ideas…that I shall be a continuous surprise, even to myself.  Amen."


Memorial Weekend Sunday

I Remember



What's God Got to Do with Prosperity?

Let Go for Something Greater (forgiveness)

Measuring True Success

Passion for Your Purpose


God's Love for You    This lesson received a great response! Check out the video for the offertory GoD and DoG

Light and Shadow    by Reverend Gretchen Pena


REJOICE! 2012 Lenten Series:

Risk Letting God Lead You

Expanding God's Work in You

The Journey In Spirit

God Is Your Overcoming Power    St. Patrick Prayer   Cavett Robert quote

From Spark to Blazing Truth

Celebrating God's Activity in Your Life

Rejoice in God's Expression     EASTER



"What Will You Make of It?" (The history and future of our church.)

"Let Love Prevail"   (Establish yourself as the place where God's love shows up.)   Joan Bleu Testimonial on forgiveness

"Constant Comment"   (How to set the tone of your brain chatter.)

"Your Dream Renewed"   (Dreams come in many forms, sleeping, waking and awakening.)

"Start Over Again"    (You can make a new beginning in every area of your life.)

"Imagine That"    (The God-gift of Imagination is your toll for co-creation with the Divine.)

"Sneaky Good"   (Be a secret agent for God's good.)    "Secret Kindness Man"   lyrics audio file


Listen to Reverend Robert Stevens' Lessons

Listen to a series of lessons on the Book of Revelation


Get Ready for Christmas:

Get Ready for Your Blessings!

Growing the Light of Hope

Growing the Light of Love        Story of "Dad, Daughter and Dog" There were a lot of requests for a printed version of this story.

Growing the Light of Joy         Christmas Letter from Fra Giovanni Please share this uplifting letter with others.


SUNDAY LESSON SERIES: Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

Myrtle's healing was the foundation for Unity. Her prayer letters to others provide us with a deep consciousness of God's love and power. Follow the series. (The audio files may take a bit of time to download.Down load the book. You can get CD copies of the lessons and order a new copy of the book as well. Call Rebecca at 619-280-2501 ext 101

Mother of Unity

Jesus Wants to Bless You

Prayer Power Now

Draw Upon God As Your Source

Thunder of the SIlence

Quickened by the Spirit

Blessing Your Body

When Things Are Working Too Slow

The Death of Disease

Permanent Prosperity  (This one is longer and takes longer to download)

Make Friends with Your Subconscious Mind

Developing Your Christ Capabilities

Spirit Blesses Your Body

The Way to Health

How to Really Help Others

Our Real Work

Beyond Age

The Real Way of Prayer

Changing Form and Fortune

Giving Birth to a New You

Be a Channel for the Christ

Parents and Children      related pages:   Gibran: On Children     "Dear Holy Child" poem by Reverend Blair


"We Arise" - Lenten Series 2011 - Follow the series as it is given!

Will You Let God Lift You Up?

Your Power to Erase the Things That Hold You Back

Spiritual Realignment

Recharge Your Energy Every Moment

Growing Your Awareness of the Christ

Speak Out About the Power of God  Palm Sunday

Our Souls Exult with the Christ  Easter


Recent Lessons that people really liked:

Do a New Thing    This lesson has reserved many comments about how helpful it was for people.

The Real Game    Check out this lesson for Super Bowl Sunday 2011!


Unity 2011 Convention mp3's available

Unity 2010 Convention mp3's available


Please enjoy these recordings of Sunday Lessons from our church.

God Bless America

I See the Father in My World

The Sacred Experience & Outcome of Affirmative Prayer

Worldwide Unity

Balancing Our Humanity and Our Spirituality

Einstein's Formula for Success

The Kingdom Is Here, Right Now

Mother, May I?

Tender Is God’s Love

Anointed with Spiritual Power

Hear the song Blair wrote for this lesson "I Am on Fire with the Spirit of God"


Reverend Gretchen's Prosperity Series:

Prosperity Series Lesson 1 Meditation

"If All That the Father Has Is Mine" Where Is It? Prosperity Series Lesson 1

Prosperity Series Lesson 2 Meditation

Prosperity Consciousness Prosperity Series Lesson 2

Prosperity Series Lesson 3 Meditation

Tools for Transformation Prosperity Series Lesson 3

Prosperity Series Lesson 4 Meditation

Creating Prosperity Prosperity Series Lesson 4


Ungraven Image Lesson Series

The second commandment (do not make graven images) invites us to understand God in more than one way. Do not get stuck in seeing God just one way. The Old Testament gives us many different images of the Divine that can have meaning and impact in our lives today.  Take a listen.

Finding Yourself in God's Joy

God as Your Shepherd

God Is Not Your Pet Rock

God Is Your Lamp On Your Way

God Makes You Strong

God's Saving Grace

God's Special Delivery

In the Hands of God

On Fire With God

Poised in the Precious Presence

Under the Wings of God

Your Share of God's Good


Witness to Resurrection - Lenten Series 2010

God wants to raise up blessings in you! 

Watch with Grace

Instant Messaging with God

Thanking in Your Thinking

Nurturing Your Christ Nature

Eternal Energy

How Long Can You Praise? Palm Sunday

Surprised by God-Power Easter


Some Classic Lessons from Reverend Blair:

Divine Release

Open and Receptive

That Special Gift

Inner Spheres of Divine Music

Gods Love Grows

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