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What you have done so far has brought you to where you are, so far.
If you want some thing new, you will have to know something new and do something new.

Affirmations are tools for changing consciousness.
There is good new and bad news about affirmations:
Bad news: affirmations don’t work.
Good news: affirmations put us in touch with a transformative spiritual consciousness that works seeming miracles.

Affirmations are not magic words. A change in consciousness is what changes things.
Jesus said, “It is not I, but the Father within that does the work.”
For affirmations to work they must be charged with a consciousness of spiritual authority.

We want things to change = we must change.
What works is a shift in consciousness; this shifts the energetic field.
Words have energy when they are used with belief and feeling.

Chose a few affirmations to works with from the categories below. Write out the affirmations and carry them with you. Repeat them often during the day.

For more advanced work, get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.
Write out an affirmation in the left column. LISTEN for a subconscious response in your mind and write it out next to the affirmation in the right column. Keep writing the affirmation until you acknowledge and release the limiting beliefs.

If you want to listen to some affirmations that are reinforeced by two voices at a time click here!


Inspiration & Guidance

Mighty currents of God’s healing love flow through me now.
God is at work in mighty ways to heal, bless and inspire me now.
God in me heals me and all my affairs.
The breath of the almighty gives me new life.
Christ in me is my healing power.
I live life in an easy, relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.
God is bringing me joyous and loving blessings in the perfect time.
The breath of the almighty gives me new life.
Angel of healing comes forth to heal me here and now.
The miracle-working power of Jesus Christ is released in every situation in my life, now for the good of all concerned.
Jesus Christ can and is performing miracles in my mind, body and affairs here and now.”
My body responds to the healing activity of the Christ.
I am quickened with God’s healing, life-giving power, now and always.
God created my body to be whole and well.
My body knows how to respond to Christ-life.
As the in-filling of new energy blesses me, my body is transformed into a vessel of healing and life.
I pour out life into new and creative expression and my body is blessed as it supports me in all that I do in life.
I ask God for a new beginning and God reveals the awesome power of the Christ in me.
I have new life in God.
I am made whole.
I am quickened with God’s creative Mind which fills me and energizes every part of my life.
I believe in the healing harmonizing power of the Christ at work in me and through me.
The Christ presence heals me now.
My body is ever more responsive to God’s healing life.
The Christ presence heals me now.
The living Word of God is alive in and through me now.
I expect new energy.
I proclaim new strength.
I am grateful for the ease with which my body lets God heal it now.
I cast off the burdens of doubt and fear so that the Christ finds me ever receptive to life and wholeness.
I stand in the radiant circle of God’s healing life.
My body is the temple of the living Christ Spirit. Every atom and cell of my being is stirred up to new life by the word of the Christ.
I step beyond the limits of the past.
God-Mind charges my mind and body with life-giving energy and peace.
I am whole and well with the Christ as my companion.
I am embraced by the Jesus Christ vision of radiant health.
Each cell of my body is renewed in the Christ-pattern of wholeness and life.
I breathe the Christ fullness with every breath and I am satisfied.
Each bite of food I take today becomes the Christ body building in me health and wholeness.
I am embraced by the Jesus Christ vision of radiant health.
I sparkle as a constellation of divine energy in the heaven of perfect life.
The Christ expresses as radiant health in every cell and organ of my body.
My body draws the Christ-life into every part of its reality.
I respond with peace and poise.
The peaceful countenance of the Christ shows forth to all.
I am cleansed and healed by the living waters of the Christ.
God-life flows and harmonizes every part of me with the perfect Christ-vibration.
The Christ in me sees through all things to God presence, power and activity now blessing all things and situations.
I see with the vision of Spirit.
No appearance of evil or lack can hold my attention.
God is at work to heal.
It is God’s good pleasure for all to experience wholeness and joy.
I am responsive to the Holy Spirit which directs me to my blessing.
I am made whole by the power of God’s grace and glory.
I see my body whole and well.
The Christ-vision of wholeness energizes my body.
I bless my eyes.
I bless every cell and organ of my body and see vibrant life as my only reality.
I am now and always at home in the healing power of the Christ-life.
I rise from the tomb of the darkness of the past.
No thing or person can kill the Christ that is my eternal reality.
Even in the pain of life, God is at work to bring forth something greater.
I am cleansed by the Spirit and go forth with a confidence and expectation of infinite blessing.
I cross out my beliefs in death and declare that God is my eternal life.
I am blessing my body and see it free of every limitation now.
My body bathes in the life-giving presence of radiant Christ-life.
I feel the blessing of the Christ radiating to me from every direction.
I give thanks and celebrate my life in Christ-life.
God loves me and is at work to heal every part of my being.
Life is at work, even when I do not see it, to raise me to the Christ expression.
I join with the angels and all believers and let the song of the Christ sing through me in celebration of the triumph of God.
I believe in the resurrection of the Christ.
God raises me from thoughts of death into a transforming experience of new life and joy.
I join the company of risen beings.
The Christ brings new life to all.
I am a part of the resurrection process.

“I am a beloved child of a rich God.”
“I am prosperous.”
“Let go and let God bless and prosper me now and always.”
“My life is ever full of God’s rich blessings.”
“The whole universe delights in sending me my good.”
“Divine love blesses and multiplies my good.”
“Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty!”
“God in me is enough.”
“God in me prospers me now and always.”
“God is the source of all my good; I am prospered now!”
“God is the source of my good, ever blessing me now.”
Over-flowing blessings of the Spirit pour out into my life and I give thanks!
God is always enough.
Whenever the appearance of lack challenges my thoughts and feelings, I turn to the Christ and God reveals new sources of good.
Rich, appropriate gifts from God bless me and those around me.
Over-flowing blessings of the Spirit pour out into my life and I give thanks!
I have a new beginning with spiritual abundance.
I celebrate God’s outpouring of good.
With ease and joy I am prospered now.
I dare to believe that God wants me to prosper.
I ask the Christ within me to demonstrate the full blessing of infinite abundance in my life.
I see new good for myself and for all.
With ease and joy I am prospered now. I am open to ever-increasing avenues of good. God gives me practical ways to meet all my needs and more.
I am the living receptacle of the out-pouring of joyous spiritual abundance.
I look beyond what my senses tell me.
I have more than enough in God’s loving presence.
My thoughts are brought to order by the command of the Christ.
I speak only words that increase God’s good.
God is my Source and nourishes me in every good and perfect way.
I bless what I have and God’s miracles show me a glimpse of infinite prosperity.
I laugh at the appearances of lack for I know that God is increasing my blessing every day in every way.
I give thanks again and again and again.
God is more than enough.
The Christ consciousness directs me in ways of expressing and sharing God’s ever-present, infinite, eternal good.
I am at peace in the midst of God’s infinite substance.
I see beyond the ups and downs of life.
God sustains me in eternal prosperity.
Through all experiences that come into my life, the Christ-mind teaches me to rise up in confident faith in God’s
I am at peace in the midst of God’s infinite substance.
I am blessed with the ideas of power of the Christ and shape my world with divine guidance.
No appearance of lack can hide the reality of God’s all-providing universe.
God shows me the Truth of infinite abundance.
I see myself as a rich child of a loving and generous Mother-Father God.
God is out to do me good. I am one with the richness of the Christ.
I give thanks for my new vision of God as my infinite, constant, abundant Source.
I am moving ever forward and express the Christ in each moment of my experience.
God shows me the things that are mine to do and I do them with confidence and ease.
I take off the garment of limitation and robe myself in the richness of God.
The Christ in me reveals the way to utilize my talents and abilities for the glory of God.
I know that God guides me impeccably.
I am richly blessed by God’s over-flowing good.
Every phase of my life is blessed.
I find a new beginning now.
I dedicate myself and all that I have to expressing more of the Christ.
I support the activities of Spirit with my thoughts, words and actions.

I am centered in the midst of God eternal love and peace.
I place all people, things and situations lovingly in the hands of the Father.
Christ in this situation is its forgiving power.
The miracle-working power of Jesus Christ is released in this situation now for the good of all concerned.
The finished results of Jesus Christ now manifest in this situation for the good of all concerned.
The forgiving power of Jesus Christ opens the way for God’s infinite good.
The White light of the Christ illumines me with divine understanding.
I am a messenger of love, hope and peace.
Christ in the situations of my life is forgiving power.
The Christ in me forgives the Christ in others.
I see myself as one with God and one with all life.
God is showing me how to experience fulfillment in all my relationships.
My oneness with God blesses me and those around me.
I am radiating God’s blessing to all the world.
God changes me in my relationships and new love and peace abound.
I ask for blessings for all people in my life and
God shows me how to be that blessing now and always.
The Christ brings forth new blessings for all my relationships.
I believe that God has a plan of good for all my relationships and I live out that plan now.
I behold a connection of light and love between God and myself and everyone in my life. The healing love of Jesus Christ fills me now.
I cast out all fear and free myself and others to live with new peace in the Christ light.
God gives me the joy of expressing life to others.
I lift my whole being in prayer and praise.
The Christ within me directs me in all ways.
My work is to follow the Christ and speak words of uplift, comfort, joy and blessing.
To all appearances of disappointment and despair, I let the Christ speak through me and God is ever present to heal and bless.
I am one with the easy flow of God’s harmonizing love and peace.
I draw my relationships into the healing circle of God’s love and all blessed.
The Christ calls me to be a healing agent to all who are touched by my mind.
I believe that my angels guide me to love and blessing.
I believe that everyone has angels, always at work, to guide them to the full experience of divine harmony.
I give thanks that my oneness with God’s infinite supply blesses me and all the universe.
I find the Christ-mind in the midst of my thoughts about finances.
I am lead to new understanding of God’s infinite abundance.
Only God’s good can work in my life.
I am fed by the Christ in others.
I share a consciousness of God’s ever-increasing good with all in my life.
I am not afraid to take what I have and put it to work for others.
As I bless what I have and use it, my good blesses others.
The Christ in me enjoys expanding the love I am capable of knowing and sharing.
I am fed by the Christ in others.
I am grateful for each expression of love in my life.
I let go of the past and see the love of the Christ bringing understanding and harmony to me and everyone in my life.
I rise above any apparent pettiness and let the Christ-peace prevail in all my relationships. The living Christ presence leads me to a place of conscious poise and peacefulness.
I am a center of radiant love and all the world is blessed by my thoughts of peace.
I see myself as a peacemaker in each moment and movement of my day.
God reveals to me new insights about my relationships.
I stand for peace and understanding.
All things not of peace and understanding are now renounced and released.
The Christ in me brings forth new visions of peace and plenty for the planet.
I am ever one with the Christ in peace.
My mind embraces the Christ expression.
The Christ calls me to new expression and me respond with joy and gratitude.
I understand that loving service to all my brothers and sisters is my blessing.
I am satisfied by the living substance of the eternal Christ.
I drink deep of the life of the Christ.
I speak the word of faith and I am directed to spiritual fulfillment.

I am clothed safely round with infinite love and wisdom.
The Spirit of the Lord goes before me making safe, swift, sure and successful my way.
I let the Spirit lead my awareness.
“The breath of the almighty gives me understanding.” (Job 32:8)
I place all things lovingly in the hands of the Father.
Christ in me is my releasing power.
My mind is cleansed and filled with divine ideas that guide me to fulfillment.
I see beyond the appearance of lack.
I expect the Christ to guide me in new ways.
I respond with joy and follow through with enthusiasm.
I let my memory be purified of all limited experiences and over flowing joy is my gift in the Christ.
I step aside from the past.
I listen to the Divine song of love.
I am one with the flow of the healing, nurturing activity of the Spirit.
I let the peace of God permeate all that I do this day.
The cleansing activity of Jesus Christ redirects my thoughts and my actions.
I do not hold back because God does not hold back.
The cleansing activity of Jesus Christ redirects my thoughts and my actions.
God is my partner.
Whatever I need greets me along the way.
God is showing me that miracles can fulfill every apparent need.
I ask for what I think I need and God supplies an abundance of joyous blessings.
God is at work to lift my mind to the lofty realm of Christ consciousness.
I let my mind be energized by the Christ mind.
I think new thoughts of life and action.
I am aware that the Christ can do all things.
I send forth the thought of order and accomplishment.
I call the Christ into expression and I am blessed.
I turn my attention to the presence, power and activity of God.
I am aware that no outer help compares to the great things that God can do.
I turn my attention to the presence, power and activity of God.
I consciously renounce all else except the Christ activity in my life.
My mind is charged with the healing, renewing, restoring activity of the Christ.
I am a new creation in Christ.
The Christ-mind multiplies what I can imagine by a factor of infinite love.
I find the source of all my desires in the Mind of God within me.
With God there is always more than enough.
God breathes the fullness of grace into all I am and all I have and all me do.
I am connected to the faith of Jesus Christ and live in the realm of infinite possibilities.
Each activity of my day is filled with God’s expanding joy.
I hold back no more.
I move ahead and God guides me, moment by moment, to embrace and express exactly what I need to live as the full Christ-expression.
My good multiplies and its effectiveness is enhanced by Christ-blessedness.
I know and do the things that God would have me do.
I am accomplishing great things for God.
God opens a way where to human sense there is no way.
With God I rise above the things of the world.
I release all heaviness and I am as light as light.
The angels dance with me a dance of joy.
My way is made clear and easy.
I move ahead with faith and energy.
I think with the Christ-mind and divine ideas direct my thoughts and actions.
I believe that God can do mighty miracles in my life.
My mind is on fire with the living Truth of Jesus Christ.
I am conscious of the marvelous things that I can accomplish with the power of the Christ. God is at work though me to accomplish a blessing that breaks through all limitations with the powerful expression of the Christ-light.
I move ahead by following the Christ.
The Spirit of the Lord goes before me making my way swift, safe, successful and sure.
I go forth confident that God is with me.
I am poised and confident in the Christ-mind.
I am guided by the wisdom of the Christ and powered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish all things joyously and in perfect order.
My stride is made steady by the living Christ presence.
The veil of ignorance is washed away by the Christ-mind at work in me.
The Christ calls me to new understanding.
My mind is quickened and illumined by the radiant light of the Christ.
I see God’s glorious power at work for good in every situation.
I speak the word of witness that the power of God is ever at work to bless me.
I am made whole by the Christ and I rejoice.
I am lifted up by the Christ consciousness to new life and new beginnings.
God reveals the eternal Christ as my life and my peace.
All the resources of heaven are available to me.
New life and new expression are now mime in the Christ.
I am grateful for the living God who always responds to me with love and life.

Divine Order is harmonizing and blessing all things now.
God’s infinite good is at work in my life for the highest good of all.
I relax, let go, let God.
I release all things to the Father. I let go and trust.
I loose and let things go to their highest good.
Christ in me is my releasing power.
Jesus Christ can and is performing miracles in my mind, body and affairs here and now.
This is a time of divine completion.
I clothe myself safely round with infinite love and wisdom.
I relax, let go, let God.
I claim and demonstrate the Jesus Christ consciousness.
I am quickened by the over-flowing activity of the Spirit.
This moment is charged with transforming power.
God awakens the Christ in me to new awareness and activity.
I dedicate myself to a new beginning in God that sees me through to a new resurrection in the Christ.
The Holy Spirit prepares me for new adventures.
I am aglow with the light of the Christ.
I ask my subconscious mind to be open only to God’s life and intelligence.
My whole being responds with Christ energy.
I am clear and ready to let new joy and love work through all that I am and all that I do.
The power of the past fades as the radiance of the presence of God in this moment shines.
I bask in the pure light of God’s healing light.
I no longer live in the shadows.
I am aglow with the light of the Christ.
I am open to new possibilities of life and joy.
I release my attachment to the past.
The angels stir up the activity of God in me and around me.
Jesus Christ offers me the kingdom of God.
I move forward in my spiritual growth and new beginnings are my.
I memories are cleansed with the pure, free-flowing stream of divine love.
I quit the stories of the past.
I align my emotions with the clear Truth of Jesus Christ and I find the blessing in all things.
The uplift of Christ consciousness transforms my whole being.
I am translated from darkness into the light.
Today I rise up and move with God’s energy of overcoming.
The Christ in me blazes a trail to new accomplishment.
I declare an end to unnecessary judgment and a new beginning in Christ-directed action.
Every task of my day is pre-blessed by God.
I am moving ahead in the Christ.
My fears are displaced by an up-welling of joy.
The Christ purges my unbelief and my faith is quickened by an experience of divine peace.
God has more for me and I am ready to embrace the allness of the Christ.
I envision everyone experiencing the multiplication of all things necessary for the fullness of life.
I am complete in the Christ.
I rise above any feelings of upset and soothe myself with visions of peace and plenty.
I calm the waters of my mind with an awareness of the peaceful presence of the Christ.
The Christ in me draws me into the full consciousness of God’s kingdom here and now.
I am at peace within and all around me responds to me with peace.
God’s real blessing rises up from the depths of my being to reveal the power of the Christ at work in my world.
I release all hesitation and follow the Christ command to be made whole.
I feel the washing away of all the mistakes of the past.
I flow with the glorious movement of the Holy Spirit that directs me to move out of darkness and me shine with the Christ-light.
I am the full expression of the light of God’s blessed kingdom.
Now and always I am at peace, whole and free.
God shows me how to live the resurrection process in every moment.
I am complete in the Christ.

I am ever lifted to new expressions of God-life.
I boldly speak the word of breakthrough and overcoming.
I triumph with God in all things.
I go ever forward with the Christ as my guide and my way is ever joyous and successful. God is my all in all.

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